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Salesforce platform developer Certification

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Glad to see you here, we want to let you know that we are the best training company for Salesforce platform developer Certification. Our course is invented for professionals who have a background in developing and expanding basic business logic and UI using the programmatic capabilities of Salesforce. We will provide you with a total guide to make you a Salesforce platform expert. We provide you with 24/7 support so that experts will resolve all your queries. Our training company provides you with both types of classes online and instructor lead classes.

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Key Highlights

48 Hrs Instructor Led Training
Instant Solutions to Your Problem
Live Project & Exercises
Job Assistance
Flexible Schedule
1 Year Free Upgrade
Mentor Support

Salesforce platform developer Certification Overview

You are going to study-

  • Master of APEX programming
  • Learn about Apex triggers and best methods for writing triggers
  • Jumpstart your career in Salesforce Development.
  • You will be ready to pass the Platform Developer 1 exam
  • Understand the Salesforce data model and query languages

Is this live training, or I should watch pre-recorded videos?

Yes, this is live training but both types of videos are available. So, that you can learn well all the theories. Maybe, you want to revise something, so you can learn by using the recorded videos

The varieties of machines you’ll need to attend training are:

  • Windows: Windows XP SP3 or higher
  • Mac: OSX 10.6 or higher
  • Internet speed: Preferably 512 Kbps or higher

Speakers, earphones, and microphone: You’ll need headphones or speakers to watch video comfortably and a microphone to connect with others

Salesforce developer certification is one of the demanding courses nowadays, and by getting certified in the salesforce developer course, you are moving towards a career full of opportunities. It is an excellent idea to move forward by proving your skills on one of the hottest CRM platforms today.

We will prepare you for the -:

  • Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I exam.

We have designed our content based on this exam pattern. Our course content is designed by industry experts. By doing this Certification from us you will be capable of Converting your knowledge to design custom applications with the Salesforce Platform Developer I Certification. This practical knowledge makes your hands-on the industry projects so that you become an expert after doing this training. This is just a one-time investment and you get lifetime access to video lectures, course material, sample papers, and many more things are waiting for you. Come and join us for living your dreams in real.

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Salesforce, Inc.’s annual revenue for this year was US$17.098 billion, a 28.73% increase from 2019. - Macrotrends
The CEO, Marc Benioff has an audacious goal of reporting US$60 billion of annual revenue by 2034. - The Motley Fool

Career Transition

60% Average Salary Hike

32 LPA Highest Salary

100+ Career Transitions

100+ Hiring Partners

Skills Covered

App Development

Server-side Controller


Java Swing

Lightning Component Framework

Eclipse IDE


Salesforce Workflow

Schema Builder

Process Builder

Custom Buttons

Link Units

Quote Templates

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Online Classroom Preferred

  • Instructor-led online training
  • One to one doubt resolution sessions
  • Attended as many batches as you want for 1 Year
  • Job Assistance


10:00 AM TO 07:00 PM IST (GMT +5:30)



10:00 AM TO 07:00 PM IST (GMT +5:30)



10:00 AM TO 07:00 PM IST (GMT +5:30)



10:00 AM TO 07:00 PM IST (GMT +5:30)

Corporate Training

  • Customized Learning
  • 24x7 Support
  • Enterprise grade reporting

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Salesforce Course Content

Live Course


1.1 Introducon to Salesforce
1.2 Salesforce Overview
1.3 Salesforce Edions
1.4 Home Page Customizaon
1.5 User Management
1.6 Creang and Customizing Tabs
1.7 Creang an App
1.8 Uploading a Company Logo
1.9 Company Informaon Page
1.10 System Overview Page
1.11 Updang the Fiscal Year
1.12Salesforce Trailhead (badges) Quiz

Module 02 - SALES CLOUD

2.1 Introducon to Sales Cloud
2.2 Sales Cloud
2.3 Leads Home Page
2.4 Creang List Views
2.5 Creang and Converng Leads
2.6 Creang Account
2.7Creang Contacts
2.8 Creang Email Templates
2.9 Sending Individual & Mass Emails
2.10 Creang and Managing Price Books
2.11Creating Products
2.12 Creating Opportunies
2.13 Creating Actvities
2.14 Creang a Web-to-Lead
2.15 Creang a Lead Assignment Rule
2.16 Creang a Lead Queue
2.17 Creang an Auto-Response Rule
2.18 Creating Campaigins
2.19 Record Types
2.20 Salesforce Trailhead (badges) Quiz
2.21 Lab

3.1 Introducon to Quote Templates
3.2 Quote Templates
3.3 Creang a Quote Record
3.4 Creang a Quote Template
3.5 Generang a Quote
3.6 Emailing a Quote
3.7 Salesforce Trailhead (badges) Quiz
3.8 Modifying Quote Templates

4.1 Introducon to Service Cloud
4.2 Service Cloud
4.3 Creating Cases
4.4 Creating Case Assignment Rules
4.5 Creang Case Escalaon Rules
4.6 Enabling Solutions
4.7 Creating Solutions
4.8 Attaching Solutions to Cases
4.9 Enabling Knowledge
4.10 Configuring Knowledge
4.11 Creang a Web-to-Case Form
4.12 Creating an Email-to-Case Address
4.13 Salesforce Trailhead (badges) Quiz
4.14 Lab

5.1 Introducon to Reports
5.2 Reports
5.3 Understanding Report Formats
5.4 Creating a Leads Report
5.5 Creating Contacts and Accounts Report
5.6 Creating an Opportunity Report
5.7 Adding Leads to a Campaign from a Report
5.8 Creating a Report Chart
5.9 Creang a Campaign Report
5.10 Summarizing Report Data
5.11 Creang a Report Formula
5.12 Exporng Reports to Excel
5.13 Salesforce Trailhead (badges) Quiz
5.14 Lab

6.1Introduction to Dashboards
6.2 Dashboards
6.3 Understanding Dashboard Components
6.4 Creating a Dashboard
6.5 Refreshing a Dashboard
6.6 Modifying Columns on Dashboards
6.7 Adding Filter to Dashboard
6.8 Managing Access to Reports
6.9 Adding a Report as a Dashboard Component
6.10 Setting Up Dynamic Dashboards
6.11 Enabling Dashboards for Android Phone
6.12 Modifying Report and Dashboard Interfaces
6.13 Activeting the Report Builder on Profiles
6.14Salesforce Trailhead (badges) Quiz

7.1 Introdution to Chatter
7.2 Chatter
7.3chatter Overview
7.4 Enabling Chatter
7.5 Enabling Chatter Feeds on Records
7.6 Configuring Chatter Group
7.7 Creang Customer Groups
7.8 Understanding Apex Core Concepts
7.9 Creang a Free Customer Chatter
7.10 Customizing Chatter Email Notifications
7.11 Configuring Salesforce to Salesforce
7.12 Accepting a Salesforce Connection
7.13 Sharing an Account via Salesforce to Salesforce
7.14Configuring Ideas Themes
7.15 Enabling Social Accounts
7.16 Customizing Libraries and Content
7.17 Uploading Documents to Libraries and Content
7.18 Configuring Salesforce1
7.19 Salesforce Trailhead (badges) Quiz
7.20 Lab

8.1 Introducon to Role Hierarchy
8.2 Role Hierarchy
8.3 Viewing Role Hierarchy
8.4 Creating Roles
8.5 Creang Groups
8.6 Creating Permission Sets
8.7 Assigning Roles to Users

9.1Introducon to Profiles
9.2 Profile
9.3Standard Profiles Overview
9.4 Assigning Page Layouts
9.5 Field-Level Security
9.6 Custom App Sengs and Access
9.7 Tab Senttigs
9.8 Record Type Settings
9.9 Administrave Permissions
9.10 General User Permissions
9.11 Standard Object Permissions
9.12 Custom Object Permissions
9.13 Password Policies and Session
9.14 Login Hours and IP Ranges
9.15 Enabling Apex and Visualforce Access
9.16 Salesforce Trailhead (badges) Quiz
9.17 Lab

10.1Introducon to Data Management
10.2 Data Management
10.3 Imporng Leads
10.4 Imporng Contacts and Accounts
10.5 Using Mass Delete
10.6 Installing Data Loader
10.7 Importing Records with Data Loader
10.8Updantig Records with Data Loader
10.9 Deleting Records with Data Loader
10.10 Exporng Records with Data Loader
10.11 Scheduling a Data Export
10.12 Mass Transferring Records
10.13 Salesforce Trailhead (badges) Quiz
10.14 Workflow Rules
10.15 Introduction to Workflow Rules
10.16 Creang a Workflow Rule
10.17 Creating a Workflow Rule Field Update
10.18 Creang a Workflow Rule Task Assignment
10.19 Creang a Workflow Rule Email Alert
10.20Salesforce Trailhead (badges) Quiz
10.21 Lab

11.1 Introduction to Security Control
11.2 Security Control
11.3 Viewing Object Security
11.4 Changing Default Record Access
11.5 Sharing Settings
11.6 Field Accessibility
11.7 Password Policies
11.8 Session Settings
11.9 Login Flows
11.10 Network Access
11.11 Session Management
11.12 Login Access Policies
11.13 Viewing Setup Audit Trail
11.14 Execung Expire All Passwords
11.15 Remote Site Settings
11.16 Named Credentials
11.17 File Upload and Download Security

12.1 Introduction to Change Sets and eployment
12.2 Introducon to Change Sets and eploymen
12.3 Outbound Change Sets
12.4Inbound Change
12.5 Deployment Settings
12.6 Deployment Status
12.7 Salesforce Trailhead (badges) Quiz
12.8 Lab

13.1 Introducon to Communies
13.3 Creang a New Community
13.4 Recommendations Management
13.5 Reputaon Management
13.6 Adding Members
13.7 Managing Tabs and Branding
13.8 Login and Registraon
13.9 Salesforce Trailhead (badges) Quiz

14.1 Introducon to AppExchange
14.2 AppExchange
14.3 AppExchange Overview
14.4 Finding and Selecng an App
14.5 Salesforce Trailhead (badges) Quiz
14.6Lightning Framework
14.7 Overview of Salesforce Lightning
14.8Lightning Component Framework Structure
14.9 Benefits of Using Lightning Component Framework
14.10Salesforce Trailhead (badges) Quiz

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Salesforce Projects

Salesforce Certification

Salesforce training will provide you complete proficiency to clear the following exams:

  • Salesforce Administrator DEV 402 Certification
  • Salesforce App Builder Certification – DEV 402 Exam

We aim to provide you, Salesforce training that helps you to efficiently pass the exam - Salesforce App Builder Certification – DEV 402 Exam. we prepared the course content keeping in mind that you have to know from basic to advance so that after pursuing this course you are able to pass the exam. we provide you live lab exposure in which you have to work on a real- time application or work as a professional which will help you in your future job and you can perform well. we provide you the course content through which you learn well

Our Alumni Work At

Master Client Desktop Master Client Mobile

Salesforce Certification Course FAQs

Brief regarding the Salesforce platform developer Certification?

When you do the Salesforce platform developer Certification from us, you get an opportunity to work on live projects under training experts. after the completion of the course, you can make strong decisions and develop applications, and provide solutions to salesforce problems.

Our purpose behind this course is to make you exam-ready. We prepared the course content, keeping in mind that you are preparing for the exam. We provide you with an industry-like atmosphere so that you can work in your future industries well.

There are no such special requirements, you need a system with better processing and high-speed internet

We are the best training institute for our salesforce platform developer training. Our goal is to prepare you for the salesforce platform developer exam. We believe in providing quality education rather than quantity.

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